About Me

Hey there gorgeous! I am The Belle Ame Boutique owner, Chelsie Michael.  Most days you can find me hustling around Belle Ame working on the beautiful merchandise getting it ready for you to shop online + in store. I am the wife to an amazing man going on seven blessed years now, and mama to three fun, kind hearted, amazing little boys, Legend 11, Kaden 6, & Jameson 1.
 I was born and raised here in my sweet home town, Paris, Texas. My boutique is  known for its classy looks that are great for a more than casual look. I handpick each item myself. I keep my styles on trend with accessories to elevate your looks. 
I love my customers so much, and you all always come first! So thank you so much for being here and shopping with me! Xx

And one more thing! In case you were wondering where the name of the boutique came from, well..... here it is! 

••• BELLE AME••• (N.) a beautiful soul

It’s not just a name that I chose out of the blue or some words that I thought sounded good together. I didn’t want to just pick a name. I wanted a name that meant something to me. A name that makes me emotional, which it does, as I tear up just writing this post. It’s a name that speaks straight to my heart as it does to others that know why I have chosen this name for my business.A name that makes me want to make anyone who walks into my store feel welcomed and feel they too are a beautiful soul. 

This name represents my Great Grandmother,
Lola Helen Bassano. What a beautiful soul she was. She was that woman that carried the light with her everywhere she went. Full of stories and full of lessons that I learned throughout my childhood of my days spent with her. She taught French and spoke it well. Saying to us all the time J’adore which means I adore you! Or Je’taime which means I love you! Going to stay with her was always a new lesson learned when it came to grammar or mannerisms. I can always remember it never failed when it was time to eat someone was going to be told, Get your elbows off the table” haha
She was so beautiful on the inside and out! A woman full of poise and beauty. I love the memories of her and will always carry them with me. She always read the book to us “forever love you” amongst her big book shelf filled with French text books and other school books. So with that being said as I went to searching for a French word because thoughts of my Great Grandmother came to me when it came time to find a new name, I came across the word Belle Ame ( a beautiful soul) that word itself amongst other words of beauty described her so well and I knew that was it, that was going to be the name I chose.

I am so thankful, and blessed! Thanks so much for being here!

xx Chelsie